Qidian God of Life
When people are poor, they breathe wrong. Ding, congratulations to the host, you will get a certain amount of money every time you breathe. Ding, you get a spicy consumption card when you eat a crayfish with explosive taste. Ding, your sleep quality is very high today. Gain energy 20% of your daily buff. Different Shenhao system, everything in life will bring surprises. Coach, I want to learn to race!
ぴっくぴく Rose in a Yuri Field
One day, a truck ran over me, welcoming the sudden death, I woke up in a unfamiliar room. Checking my appearance in the mirror considering there is a silver haired beauty… And in the nether region there are changes from mini size to extra-large size. Apparently I reincarnated in a different world. According to God I have a spear that can cause the downfall of humanity. Therefore with this erection I will save the world.
SamanthaOnTheRadio The Secret Mage
Alex, the most powerful mage on Earth fights and ancient dragon which he kills but at the cost of his power not being able to recover for quite sometime, he has to regain his power while trying to save his dad who is in the hospital.
Qidian I Am In Marvel
During the Second World War, Kyle looked at Captain America standing straight and proud before him. Suddenly, a series of skill cards appeared. 「Pistol Master」 「Martial Arts Master」 「Shield Defense Master」 「Super Soldier Serum」 Which skill card do you wish to extract? “Wait… what? This golden finger… you must be pulling my leg! Not only skill cards but I can also extract super-powered skills like the Super Soldier Serum? Mother of God… what is this?!”
Yun_Yin The Butterfly of Chaos
Face a Man, slay a Man. Encounter a Devil, exterminate a Devil. Witness a God, vanquish a God. With each passing era, cultivation practices had improved and far more powerful geniuses had emerged, akin to grains of sand. Every era elevated mortals and brought them ever closer to the Realm of Immortality. But, were they truly able to ascend? Or was the peak of mortals immovable...
carloswatler76 Attack On Titan: The Disaster Zone
Mako Carson was an above average high school student with a knack for getting into trouble. He was great at sports, academics, picking up women, looks, and basically everything he ever did. However that all changed when he woke up one day in a totally different reality then the one he had went to sleep in. Now, guided by the will to live, Mako must make his way through the mountain of bodies and...