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Bimotion port&pipe


pp splashPort: With this tool, you are able to make fingerprint of your engine just with a port map and a performance chart. This allows you to  analyze possible changes according to their effects. Starting with the basic data of the engine you are able to have a view on the specific time areas.  For this reason you can assess wether if the engine has enough port section or how much it needs for a power increase. To assure a perfect exhaust function, the  decrompression is examined separate. It is also possible to print a port map as a template for the adaptation. 

Pipe: This program offers you a complete exhaust calculation according to 2 model approaches. The models are easy so synchronize via the exhaust temperature and through that save many iteration steps until the ready exhaust system. The shape of the exhaust pipe may be simple or complex, in this way we are able to deserve the most different demands.


Bimotion Advanced port&pipe - 169€


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