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Calculations and design are part of my chassis reportoir. There are designs to improve the driveability, planning of customized wheel suspensions and damping systems, design space analysis and measuring of center of gravity location. That means that it is up to me to analyze your system and customize it.

design of:

  • frame fixtures and load points
  • frame reinforcements
  • swing arms
  • hubs
  • link systems
  • clip on handle bars
  • axle quick release systems
  • torsion dampers
  • rear sprocket brackets
  • brake disc brackets
  • brake cylinder mountings or brackets

engineering design of:

  • damper springs
  • damper kinematics
  • braking system

measuring of:

  • frame geometry
  • weight
  • component single weights
  • position center of gravity
Right before every change there comes the documentation of the starting point, to know exactly what and how to do. There can be needed the data-recordings,  the measuring of chassis geometry and the fine tune afterwards is also possible to do by myself on racetrack.

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