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Thanks to our close connection to racing and withit the application of ambitious technical solutions, we know about the possibilities to  get the last power reserves useful out of the existing material.

Through coachings direct at the race track, we want to give our clients the possibility to prepare and set up their vehicle ideal for the upcoming competition.

We don't offer pre-assembled lectures, instead we arrange the coaching as well as the subjet area in acclamation with our customers. The bandwith of possible subject has a range from chassis setup up to efficient team management.

Surplus we give  the opportunity to retailers and clubs to book a course about driving techniques and driving security. There we can work on the topics that we arrange in advance with the client.

Our experience shows, that through this way a large interest for a technical dialogue arises. This way the coaching becomes a real enrichment for every attendant.

Contact us to find out more about your personal coaching!

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