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Welcome to SMU-engineering,

this website is dedicated to the technology, the science and the practical work around the motorcycle. It is also dedicated to all motorcycle builders who wants professional support for completing her bike projects, for fine tuning on the dyno or for the builders who start from scratch. Share my passion and your experiences with me. Maybe you will find some interesting things to let your own ideas overcome.


  • the design part and the needed design software, check the categories ENGINEERING andSOFTWARE


  • the knowledge basement I will teach you in a SEMINAR

  • Yes we can! Check the FAVORITES

practical work

  • download my examples at the ENGINEERING categories, or

  • ask for a dyno tuning of your bike


I want to encourage you to take part of my experience, getting new own ideas by following my projects or to hire me to let your projects come true. Read my words and maybe you will find some inspiration.


If you need some support, smu-engineering is a good guess.


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